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'To cope with a challenging world, any entity must develop the capacity of shifting and changing - of developing new skills and attitudes; in short the capacity of learning.' A De Guess: 'The Living Company'.

 About Us

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Matamata Intermediate School

Matamata Intermediate School is a two-year, co-educational school catering for students aged 10 -13 years of age. Approximately 400 students currently attend our school.

This is a crucial stage in children's schooling. It is a time of rapid change. Noticable physical changes occur and emotional and social attitudes are going through a key stage of development.

With many students, intellectual interests and abilities begin to broaden in scope. Some develop these to considerable depth.

Years 7 and 8 are part of a period in the life of children when they move from the primary 'generalist' based system to a more specialised one offered by secondary schools. Special in-depth education is required to help students through these "middle years". 

Our curriculum is designed to assist and prepare students for this transition. We seek to structure programmes which cater for the needs of all our students, enabling them to reach their fullest potential. We aim to develop competent, confident self-directed learners. Our curriculum is wide ranging and covers not only the academic fields, but the physical and cultural areas as well.

Children pass through these years but once. Our aim is to provide the best quality education possible to ensure each student reaches his/ her maximum potential. 

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