Report an absence by using the Skool Loop App.

Or notify the school office by phoning on 07 888 7221.

If your child is to be away, it is essential that the office is notified before 8.45am so that we know your child is safe.

It is our policy that all un-notified absences are followed up daily. Please do not be offended by our call, the safety of your child is paramount.
By law all intermediate age students must attend school every day that it is open unless there is a justified reason.
If your child is genuinely ill the best place for them is at home so they can make a speedy recovery. Extended absences result in your child getting behind in their school work and can lead to frustration and anxiety. If your child is absent for three or more consecutive days a medical certificate may be requested.
It is a known fact that regular attendance at school is vital to ensuring success in learning and we thank you for your support in this.