Board of Trustees

M.I.S is supported by a strong Board of Trustees. The Board consists of 5 parent representatives with a diverse range of skills, a staff representative and the Principal.
The Board is committed to ensuring students receive a balanced education with a wide range of opportunities during their time at our school. Improving student progress and achievement is a key focus for the Board. The school’s strategic goals clearly reflect our commitment to this.
The school’s most recent ERO report can be read online at This was an outstanding review and the BOT remains committed to continuing to build on the strong results that have been achieved in the past.

Board of Trustees
Principal: Debbie Currie
Chairperson: Kelly Hayward
Minuting Secretary: Shannon Johnson
Trustees: Susan Murray
Mike Lawrence
Kaye-Maree Olesen
Marty Richards
Staff Rep: Laura Fisher

Community Consultation
Matamata Intermediate School Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership team consults annually with the community. This consultation helps us to target any areas for improvement and highlights things we are doing well as a school. Responses help to inform our strategic planning for continuing to improve learning outcomes for students.

Some processes for consultation are:

  • A school newsletter is sent home every 3 weeks
  • A hui for parents of Māori students is held once per term. A pānui is always sent home prior to the hui.
  • The PTA of Matamata Intermediate School meets twice per term. Meetings are advised by way of the school newsletter.
  • Survey Monkey online questionnaire (hard copies available)
  • The Principal and staff are always available to meet with parents. There is an open door policy.
  • There will be regular reporting to parents/caregivers on student achievement, progress and welfare.

In addition to the above processes:
  • Parental and whānau involvement with numerous learning and wider school activities is encouraged.
  • School achievements and events will be publicised in the local press.
  • Local resources will be used to enhance learning wherever possible.

School Charter
The Charter and Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated by the end of each year, presented to the BoT for ratification and sent to the MOE by 1st March.

School Policies
Public access to Matamata Intermediate Policies, please visit:
The username and password for our school is: Matamataint / policy

Annual Plan
The Board will send the annual report to the Ministry of Education annually by May 31.

Community of Learning
Matamata Intermediate will be an active member in our local Matamata CoL | Kāhui Ako Programme. The achievement challenges are based on areas of identified needs across the district. The achievement challenges currently align with our targets for Strategic Aim 1C. With the appointment of the Lead Principal in 2016 and the appointment of teachers across and within schools in term 2, 2017, the focus will then shift to programme development and implementation, which will support our Professional Learning focus on Culturally Responsive Practice.