Board of Trustees and Parent Teacher Association 

 Board of Trustees

Chairperson:               Mark Pike

Principal:                      Daryl Gibbs

Secretary:                     Shelley Dickinson           Minute Sec.


Members:                     Tracey Brown

  Craig Langlands

  Malcolm Raynel

  Debbie Sankey

  Lorraine Stiles                  Staff Rep.


Board Meetings

  • A cordial invitation is extended to all caregivers to attend the monthly meetings of Matamata Intermediate School Board of Trustees.
  • All Board meetings are advertised in the school's fortnightly newsletter.
  • Meeting procedure follow model standard orders for public meetings.


 Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)

The school is strongly supported by the P.T.A.  Regular short meetings are held with dates & venue as advertised in the school newsletter, meetings sometimes being held over a cup of coffee!  While all parents are automatic members of the PTA, you are encouraged to consider becoming active members and support its activities.  The PTA is a highly valued forum for parent input into school direction & decision making, providing invaluable support for a wide range of school activities.  Fundraising is not seen as their key function in this school.




Current Chairperson:                            Louise Butler


Current Secretary:                               Debbie Nowell                            


Current Treasurer:                               Sandra Louch                    


PTA 2nd hand Uniform Co-ordinator:     Tracey Park        






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