2013 Animation Finalists

Matamata Digi Awards

2013 Animation Finalists 

Please note: not all finalists in this category were able to be uploaded. 

Stranger Danger  - Y7-8 Category Winner

Molly Burgess-Munro, 

Samantha Davidson

Gallipoli Landing

Adam Thompson

Henry Brown

Stranger Danger (Families)

Aimee Burnell

Anna Williams

Attack of the Books

Tom Allison

David Hancock

Shelton Sankey 

Pumpkin Pocolypse

Cam Cresswell

Jordan Chevis

Fergus Hunt 

Gardening is Good for the Soul - Content not available to view 

Keely Frearson

Teachers Lock Your Doors -Content not available to view 

Kody Webb

Dylan Good

Connor Stoner

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