Expectations of Students at Matamata Intermediate School

 Matamata Intermediate School students will take responsibility for their own education by:

  • showing courtesy, common sense and consideration
  • taking pride in their school by wearing their school uniform correctly (as outlined in the school prosepectus), and prodiciing quality work
  • being at school, and on time , each day, ensuring the correct equipment and books are at school each day.
  • showing repsect for others' property/ person, and their right to learn.
  • having their uniform and equipment clearly named
  • reading at least 4 books each term
  • completing set homework on time
  • being positive about learning
  • setting and achieving 'smart' learning goals
  • reflecting on their achievement and determining next learning steps
  • valuing the opportunities provided by the school and participating in them fully
  • being aware of, and sensitive to, our dual heritiage  and multi-cultural society
  • each student should participate in at least on activiey outside of standard classroom timetable activities and make a positive contribution to school life through cultural activities, enrichment activities, monitor roles, service etc
  • students participating in extra curricula activities should be able to meet learning behaviour expectations of our school
  • students should show a continued commitment to learning, sporting and cultural opportunities they elect to participate in.




 Expectations of Parents at Matamata Intermediate School



Matamata Intermediate School students will have their education support by parents who:

  • have their children well prepared everyday by providing:
  • a) a wholesome breakfast/ lunch and ample sleep time
    b) correct uniform that is clean and tidy
    c) named stationery and tools of the trade

d) actively encouraging courtesy, common sense, and consideration towards people and the school

  • have a positive attitude towards the way the school operates
  • communicate openly with the school about any issues
  • are an active part of their child's learning
  • attend interviews and relevant meetings
  • pay school accounts
  • are aware of and sensitive to, our dual heritage and multi-cultural society

Expectations of Staff at Matamata Intermediate School 

Matamata Intermediate School students with have their education supported by staff  who:

  • role-model courtesy, common sense and consideration for others
  • are positive about teaching and learning
  • provide a "quality learning environment"
  • provide appropriate learning
  • recognise and build on individual student's strengths
  • genuinely care for their students, respecting the dignity of all persons
  • provide ongoing planning and assessment to assist each student reach the best within them
  • are professional and totally supportive of the school culture
  • are aware of, and sensitive to our dual heritage and multi-cultural society
  • provide extra-curricula activities




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