Hey everyone! It’s Awhina here, and I can’t believe it’s less than 3 months now until the big trip to the United States of America! Our fundraising is going well, with our most recent activity being a screening of the movie, “Three Daring Daughters”, for our “Step Back in Time” experience. It was great to see people who enjoyed the first film so much, that they came back and watched our second screening, and are now eager to attend our third movie screening! The next “Step Back in Time” movie is titled, “Can’t Help Singing”, which will be screened on Sunday 15th April, with seat bookings for $10.00. These will once again be available from Take Note.

We are also currently holding a raffle for a whole pig, which has been cut up and ready for the freezer. Raffle tickets are just $5.00! If you have any queries about the next movie screening or the pig raffle, contact Sharon Holmes at 8883665.

We hope to see you at our next movie!