Our Last Report Before Flying to the USA.

By the time that you read this report we (the four FPS girls, me, our chaperone and two Supporter-Dads) will be at Indiana University, in the United States, in readiness for “The Girls” big International Competition at 9.00 on Friday morning (2.00am Saturday, NZ time). After sitting that booklet examination, four hours later, “The Girls” will present a prepared dramatic presentation to demonstrate the outcomes of their booklet! High intensity and pressure, indeed, but I don’t believe that we could have prepared ourselves any better than we have done. “The Girls” and I have spent 4-5 hours, almost every weekend, since the start of the year, in order to assimilate new research , engage in discussion and produce “mock” 2-hour exam booklets (based on 5 practice scenarios) as way of preparation for this International Conference. In addition, “The Girls” have prepared a convincing dramatic presentation which can, hopefully, be easily adapted to the scenario which they are presented with, in the USA. They have also planned the props and costumes which they predict that they will need for this dramatic presentation and, because of the tight time-constraints, they and their parent supporters, have been conducting practice sessions to perfect the making of their props.

The whole team (“The Girls”, their parents and me) want to reiterate our gratitude to everyone in the Matamata community who has supported us over the past 7 months. We are truly appreciative of your interest, enthusiasm, moral and financial support. “The Girls” will endeavour to produce and perform to their VERY BEST ability for our school (Matamata Intermediate), the Matamata community, the FPS organisation and New Zealand.

We will inform you of the outcomes of our trip in a subsequent newsletter!

Fingers crossed!                                                                                                               Avon Hansen (Coach)