Thanks for reading our page!  We would like to especially thank The Rotary Club of Matamata, David and Cheryl King and all the businesses, who advertise on this page, for their generosity. 

Hi, I’m Talia Parker and this week, it is my turn to update you on what we are up to at the moment.  June is fast approaching and we are so grateful because we are also getting very close to our fundraising goal! Thank you to the people who have stopped in Arawa St, wished us luck, and bought tickets in our raffle, for a whole pig, which is being supplied by Walton Meat Packers.  We have more tickets so keep your eye out for us, if you haven’t got your one yet. 

Matamata Musical Theatre is supporting us, once again, with our next movie on April 29th. Doors will open 1.30pm and we will be screening a 1944 movie: ‘Can’t help singing’ starring Deanna Durbin.  Seats for this movie can be booked at Frasers Take Note, by making a donation towards our travel costs.  Enquiries about it can be made to Sharon Holmes: Ph 8883665.

We have organised four days in the holidays to spend with our Coach, Mrs Hansen, to discuss research, produce a practice booklet and plan a dramatic presentation – all necessary parts for our International Competition. We are very grateful to her for making the time to help us prepare!