Hello! I’m Chelsie and it looks like it’s my turn to report to you this week. First off, I would like to e thank everyone who came and supported us in our third “Step Back In Time” movie experience. It is always so wonderful to see the community getting behind us in our fundraising! To conclude this movie series, we will be hosting a fourth and final movie screening, ‘Can’t Help Singing’ on the 29th of April at the Matamata Musical Theatre. Once again, tickets can be bought at Fraser’s Take Note. We look forward to seeing you all there! In other news, we have also recently attended the Matamata Primary School’s disco, and sold snacks and glow sticks to the students there. We would like to thank Matamata Primary for allowing us to contribute, and Mr and Mrs Bruce and Carol Tarrant for their providence of the glow sticks which we sold. We would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Chris and Vicki Thompson, who provided a sufficient load of firewood for us to sell. Many thanks for this! Our last note is another quick thank you to all of the businesses who have supported us through advertising, donating some great prizes, and assisting us to hold some of our functions. Your help is greatly appreciated!