Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Whole school   -  Tuesday 15th April,   1pm - 8pm


Our School Event Code =   AUD98

Please make arrangements for your child to go home at 12.30pm on Tuesday, 15th April so that interviews can start at 1pm. Children who remain at school will be supervised in the library. Buses will be running at the normal time. It is not suitable for Intermediate students to be down town for the afternoon. They need to be at school if they cannot go directly home.

Book online

Parents/ caregivers are able to book  their child's parent / teacher interviews online and it's so easy to do!

The best part is, once you have finished making your bookings, your interview timetable will be emailed to you. And if something comes up, you can return to the site and change your interviews whenever you want.

Click on the link below to book online. 

Instructions for making an online booking   

Click on the file or image below

If you arrive early, or have to wait between interviews, the office and classroom cloak bays will be open so please feel free to use them so that you are warm and comfortable. 

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