School Culture & C.C.C.

The 3 C’s:
Our school culture is based on the core character virtues – Committment, Common Sense and Consideration, referred to as the 3 C’s. These virtues are modelled by staff in their relationship with each other and with students. Our Hauora (Health) programme incorporates the virtues programme as an integral part of our curriculum. Students are encouraged to demonstrate these virtues both in the classroom and in the playground. Additional virtues are added each term.

Our school culture is about each student making a commitment to personal learning, with every child striving to be the best they can be and developing competency in literacy and numeracy. Having a growth mindset towards improving in all areas of school life, and developing resilience and persistence are a key focus of our programme.

Building a strong house spirit is part of our school culture. Students have the opportunity to work with 3 house teachers to support their learning. Students are divided evenly between the four houses (named after local rivers): Mangawhero - Red, Piako - Blue, Waihou - Green and Waitoa - Yellow.

Student Leadership:
There are two key areas of formal leadership within our school. An active Student Forum provides a forum for students to participate in and contribute to school functioning. These students are selected from all classes across the school and are a mix of Year 7 and 8. School Leaders are selected at the end of Year 7 for the following year. They are responsible for helping to organise and lead house and school events in sport, the Arts and selecting charities to support. Leadership training and support is provided for these students so they are well equipped to carry out these responsibilities.