School Culture

Our School Culture 

Our school culture is based on the core character virtues – Courtesy, Common sense and Consideration, referred to as the 3 C’s.

These virtues are modelled by staff in their relationship with each other and with students.


Our Hauora (Health) programme incorporates the virtues programme as an integral part of our curriculum.  There is a virtues story for each week of the school year focussing on aspects of displaying these virtues.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate these virtues both in the classroom and in the playground.  Additional virtues are added each term.

A CCC ribbon is awarded for consistent demonstration of one of the 3 C’s in the classroom or the playground.  Each classroom teacher has 10xCCC ribbons to award each term.  Each week a student who consistently displays the 3 C’s is nominated by staff and upon winning the nomination is awarded a blue CCC shirt to wear as part of their school uniform.  At the end of each term, one of these students, by ballot, is awarded a CCC jacket to wear as part of their school uniform. 

Two of our 2010 CCC Jacket recipients 

 Students are divided evenly between the four houses: (named after local rivers)

  • Mangawhero            -             Red
  • Piako                          -             Blue
  • Waihou                      -             Green
  • Waitoa                       -              Yellow

Building a strong house spirit is part of our school culture. House points are awarded at school - wide sports events such as Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country as well as in the classrom, for a range of activities. Student house leaders have a strong leadership role in the school.

Our school culture recognises and celebrates effort and success in learnin. Ribbons, to be sewn onto jerseys, and certificates are awarded at formal or team group assemblies. The ribbons are much sought after and worn with great pride. Ribbon titles include:

Academic                       Reading

Sport                                Basic Facts

Technology                    Spelling

Visual Art                        Music

Culture                            Public Speaking

Kapahaka                       Attendance

Commitment                  Practical

Service                            Citizenship

CCC                                 Leadership

 Our school culture is about each student making a commitment to personal learning with every child striving to be the best they can be and each child developing competency in literacy and numeracy. Our school discipline model is focussed on restorative justice; empowering students to make the right choices and accepting that poor choices have consequences. We are proud  of the pastoral care we offer students for their total well-being.

The end of year graduation dance is a formal end of year tradition in our school culture to celebrate the achievements and farewell our Year 8 students in grand style.

An active student forum provides a forum for students to participate in and contribute to school functioning. Leadership training is provided for school councillors so they are well equipped to carry out these responsibilities. This group meets in the library each Tuesday at 12.20.

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