Special Nature Classrooms

Special Nature Classrooms 

Children with Special Abilities

A gifted and talented programme has been developed in both Year 7 and Year 8 to cater for those students who have high achievement levels across the curriculum or the potential to achieve at a high level. The selection for these two composite  Yr7 & Yr8 classes is done on an annual basis by referring to each student's performance and achievement levels. In consultation with the previous year's teacher, the selection for Year 7 also considers test results in English, Maths and Science which are completed by potential students during the enrolment process. Parents who especially wish their child to be considered for an enrichment class are able to request a questionnaire from their child's current principal as part of the enrolment package.

Academic Coaching Classes

The school provides for the individual learning needs of all children and takes pride in programmes where students are given special assistance with learning, specifically in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

All incoming pupils are assessed and parents are informed of those children requiring extra assistance in any literacy or maths area making them eligible for these classes. A strong teacher coaching team supports the classroom teacher so students are given individual or small group instruction to help them reach their potential. There is close contact between the teachers and parents throughout the year.

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