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Matamata Intermediate’s School Board of Trustees and staff will insist that the uniform is worn correctly & our dress code followed at all times. It is very important that all parents and students understand this. We pride ourselves on having high standards and will be ensuring that these are maintained. We appreciate your support on this.

All students are to wear:
Brown or black leather Roman sandals, or plain black shoe. All shoes must be worn with the appropriate school socks.

Girls Summer Uniform

Girls Summer Uniform

Same Polo shirt for Summer and Winter
Boys Summer uniform

Boys Summer uniform

Same shorts and shirt for Winter
Girls Winter uniform

Girls Winter uniform

Boys Winter Uniform

Boys Winter Uniform

Jersey or jacket options
PE Gear

PE Gear

PE Gear

PE Gear


Girls Uniform Items
Girls Summer Tunic $88.00
Girls Polo Shirt $20.00
Girls Winter Tunic $95.00
Girls Winter Socks $ 8.00/pair
3 pair pack $21.00

Boys Uniform Items
Boys Polo Shirt $50.00
Boys Tab Short $50.00
Boys Summer Socks $12.00/pair Boys Winter Socks $12.00/pair

Boys and Girls Items (Unisex)
PE Shirt $35.00 PE Shorts $32.00
Jersey $88.00

Optional/Additional Uniform Items. If the following items are worn they must be regulation uniform.

Jacket $ 88.00
Bucket Hat (Summer) $ 10.00
Cap (Summer) $ 10.00
Beanie (Winter) $ 9.00

For items other than standard uniform, we request the following:

Gloves: Black, royal blue or gold gloves may be worn.
Hair: Should be kept clean and tidy. Outlandish bright or extreme hair colours or styles will not be acceptable. Parents will be contacted if deemed necessary on this issue.
Hair accessories: girls are permitted to wear hair ties, bands, clips in their hair, provided they are in school colours (royal blue, gold, white, black)
No nail polish or make up is to be worn to school.
Jewellery :A wristwatch may be worn. For those students who have pierced ears, one stud, sleeper or small plain earring may be worn in each ear. Nose rings, tongue studs or any other body piercings are not permitted. Parents must see the Principal for special permission where religious or cultural exceptions to this rule are sought. If crucifixes, bone carvings, other taonga or items with special meaning are worn around the neck, they must not be visible.
Girls may wear regulation PE shorts under their tunics but they are not to be visible.
All items of clothing are to be clearly named, remembering to rename second-hand items.
PTA members will sew a machine sewn name tag on the front of all students’ jerseys early in the year.

Students' Personal Property:
Students are expected to be responsible for their own personal property. The school accepts no liability for loss.
Named articles which are found, are returned to the owner.
Unnamed articles which are found are placed in the lost property which can be checked at R16.
Payment for sports trips, class journeys, camps or any other purposes, should be handed in, either to the office or to the class teacher, as soon as the pupil arrives at school.

Cash, jewellery or any other valuables must not be left in tote trays or bags! These items should handed in to the teacher or school office for safe keeping.

The MIS uniform can only be purchased from Matamata Intermediate. The uniform shop will be on for two days in late January as per the dates in the Prospectus from 9am - 4pm.

Cash, EFT POS and WINZ cards are acceptable. We do not take cheques or credit cards.