As part of our vision of “Inspired learners. Empowered to achieve” we have a number of enrichment opportunities across a wide range of curriculum areas, including English, Maths, Science and Technology and The Arts. Debbie Currie is the coordinator of academic enrichment.

GATE Class and Academic Enrichment Groups
Enrichment opportunities for Gifted and Talented students (GATE) are offered in both Year 7 & Year 8 to cater for those students who have high achievement levels across the curriculum or the potential to achieve at a high level. The selection for Academic Enrichment is done on an annual basis by referring to each student’s performance and achievement levels. In consultation with the previous year’s teacher, the selection for Year 7 also considers test results in English, Maths & Science which are completed at Matamata Intermediate School, by prospective students during the enrolment process.
If you would like your child considered for testing for Academic Enrichment please fill out and return the Enrichment Application form in the Enrollment pack.

Specialist Enrichment Groups
An enrichment program is also offered in Technology and The Arts. By the end of their time at intermediate your child will have experienced a practical, hands on module in one of our specialist areas. This is in addition to the regular Technology and Arts curriculum offered and is designed to extend a strength, interest or passion.

Academic Coaching Class
The school provides for the individual learning needs of all children and takes pride in our programmes where students are given special assistance with learning, specifically in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. A strong team of learning coaches supports the classroom teacher so students are given individual or small group instruction to help them reach their potential.
In consultation with contributing schools and parents, those students who are considered to be needing a high level of learning support will be offered a place in our Academic Coaching class. Parents will be informed & given the opportunity to accept or decline this offer. There is close contact between the teachers and parents throughout the year.