Celebrating Progress

Our school culture recognises and celebrates effort and success in learning. Ribbons and certificates are awarded each fortnight at school assemblies and houses also celebrate learning progress. Ribbons and certificates are also awarded at these hui and current learning is shared. The ribbons are much sought after and worn with great pride. We have five ribbons, The red 'Ako' for commitment to learning, the yellow 'Whanaungatanga' for connections and belonging, the green 'Waananga' for excellence in a given area of learning and the blue 'Te Taiao' for care for the environment. A CCC ribbon is awarded for consistent demonstration of the 3 C’s in the classroom or the playground. At three assembly meetings per term, a student from each house receives a 3C badge. Teachers discuss the students in their house and then award it to the deserving student. The badge was new in 2017 and all of the students who have received it wear them with pride. At the end of each term the students from each house vote for the student they feel is deserving of a blue 3C shirt. One student from each house is then awarded this highly respected honour. The local 'Scene' paper often report these honours in their free weekly publications.