Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my child be safe at your school?

    The answer is YES! We firmly believe that all students have the right to be safe at school. Any situation that threatens student safety or their ability to concentrate on their schoolwork is dealt with quickly and firmly. We take the safety of our students very seriously indeed.

    Every class is required to take a series of lessons to provide students with a range of strategies to keep themselves safe and to manage difficult situations appropriately. Students will know what action to take and where to go for help.

    The key to ensuring we have a safe environment is for every student to understand they must ask for help whenever they have a problem. We guarantee to deal with every incident that is brought to our attention.

  • Does the school have a sound discipline policy?

    We have a very supportive environment where we try to operate with the minimum number of written rules. We believe the school should run with the normal rules of society being sufficient. We should treat each other as we would expect to be treated ourselves. This includes of course teachers as well as students.

    Where issues of concern do arise we believe it is important that students realize there are always consequences for our actions, just as there are in society. We have structures in place to assist students in realizing this. For more serious concerns parents would always be contacted to discuss the most appropriate way in which to resolve the situation.

  • How do I contact you?

    We welcome contact with parents. We want to do the best we can for your child. Sometimes problems or perceived problems do arise. Where there are concerns we would want to work with you to reach a satisfactory solution.

    Should you have a concern it is best in the first instance to try to resolve the situation with the people involved. If it is an issue concerning a staff member then an appointment should be made through the school office to meet with the staff member concerned. If it seems a satisfactory resolution has not be reached then an appointment should be made to discuss the situation with either the deputy principal or the principal.

    Remember if there is a problem we want to work with you to put it right. We can only do that if you make contact with us so we can discuss the situation and work towards a satisfactory resolution.

  • How does the school keep us informed as to what is happening?

    This web site is one way we can keep you better informed. Information will be updated regularly. Class teachers will communicate frequently through newsletters home regarding specific events. every second week a newsletter will be issued to students keeping you informed of happenings within the school also. This will give general information regarding school events along with community information. This newsletter will also be posted on the website as well as our Daily News site in case it does not surface out of the school bag!

    We have a very active PTA and you are welcome to attend any of their meetings.

  • How do I find out about my child's progress?

    Regular reporting times are scheduled throughout the year with information provided on your child's progress. Late in the first term a conference is scheduled to meet the teacher, discuss achievements and set goals. This meeting is deliberately scheduled early in the year once the homeroom teacher has had an opportunity to evaluate previous progress and to have in place strategies to meet your child's needs as the year progresses.

    Halfway through the year, a written, interim report is also sent home,. This report will give you feedback on where your child is in relation to the National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.

    At the end of the school year a summative written report on the child's overall progress is sent home. Interviews with parents are held by request.

    Parents are welcome to contact the school at any time to discuss their child's progress. It is not necessary to wait for the scheduled interview times.

  • Are classes streamed according to ability?

    No, our classes are as equal in ability as we can make them given the information provided from the previous schools. On arrival in Year 7 students are placed in classes according to numerous factors such as gender, ethnic background, previous school, ability level, etc. to ensure a mix in all classes.

    We do offer the option of placing your child in various special nature classrooms such as our GATE class. However, places in these classes are subject to testing and are not guaranteed.