Any school related costs can be paid at the school office by cash or eft-pos, or by direct payment to our school account: 12-3438-0003533-00 with your child’s name and the activity/fee as the reference.

Stationery is able to be purchased from the school before commencement of the school year. The library will be open for stationery sales for two days in late January. Parents will be able to purchase a pack which will include all of your child’s stationary requirements for approximately $30. To ensure all students begin on the first day with the appropriate ‘tools of the trade’ we would appreciate it if you purchased our school stationery pack. Our price is very competitive due to our ability to bulk purchase and it saves parents time searching different shops.

There are additional associated costs for sporting, cultural and academic opportunities your child may be selected to be involved with, as well as visiting group performances and class day trips.
Most payments for your child can be made to the aforementioned account, with the following exceptions:
Mufti Days - pay $2 cash (voluntary)
Music Tutors - Our specialist tutors have their own payment provisions and will be paid directly.
Uniform items - contact the office if you wish to pre-pay uniform purchases.