Matamata Intermediate School

Welcome to Matamata Intermediate School 

Tall Poppies Grow Here

 Tall Poppies Grow Here

'It is today we must create the world of the future.' Eleanor Roosevelt


To empower each individual to achieve their personal best in an environment of courtesy, common sense and consideration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a positive and constructive environment where staff and students are enthusiastic about being part of this school, proud of its culture, happy and enjoying learning. Each student needs to be challenged and engaged by having their individual learning needs met.

In support of our vision, we are committed to these strategies:

  • Our school culture is based on the core virtues of courtesy, commonsense & consideration which are known as the 3C’s
  • All staff will model our 3C’s and core virtues while management and governance will actively engage in fostering them so that children have positive role models with the dignity of all persons respected

  • Students will show courtesy, commonsense & consideration

  • Each student will strive to reach their personal best

  • Effort and success  in our learning community will be recognised and celebrated

  • Successful learners will know how to learn

  • Numeracy and Literacy will be a priority

  • Learning experiences will cater for the different learning needs of each student

  • Our learning environment needs to be emotionally safe and secure with stimulating and challenging learning spaces

  • Effective classroom management is essential for successful learning

  • High quality engagement between teacher and student encompassing feedback and feed forward is critical for success

  • Students will know the purpose of each learning a

  • Success criteria needs to be provided before tasks are undertaken

  • The needs of students and their learning will be the basis of all decisions

  • Each student should participate in at least one activity outside of standard classroom timetable activities and make a positive contribution to school life through cultural activities, enrichment activities, monitor roles, service etc

  • Students should show a continued commitment to learning opportunities they elect to participate

  • Students participating in extra curricula activities should be able to meet learning and behaviour expectations of our school

  • Each student has at least one personal strength which needs to be identified & celebrated for developing their self efficacy

  • Community & parental support is important for the success of the learner

  • An awareness of our dual heritage & multicultural society will be nurtured


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